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All of Your Business Computer Network Repair & Networking Needs

Whether its hardware or software, wired or wireless networking, Microsoft or Cisco, server or client PC, desktop workstations or virtual server based computing, if its a business computer network we can help. Our team lives and breaths business computer networking. Rest at ease knowing your business computing and communications infrastructure is secure, reliable and efficient with Fox Valley on your side. We do computer network installation, network repair, cable troubleshooting, network qualification, and any other computer networking issue you may have.

Remote Network Access

With an increasingly mobile workforce, today’s workers demand access to your business computer network, no matter where they are. Remote network access to your business servers and business network increases employee productivity. Whether you’re on the couch in your living room or in a meeting in Tokyo, Fox Valley can ensure that your remote network access experience goes smoothly. Our network technicians are skilled in deploying and maintaining remote access solutions, and can quickly troubleshoot issues in the unlikely event of a network problem.

Business Network Security Concerns

Business computer network security is a big concern—and with good reason. Compromised business networks can lead to data corruption or loss, lost productivity, and even fines and lawsuits, depending on the nature of the information that was accessed. Fox Valley Computer Solutions follows industry standard best practices to ensure that your network and the confidential information that it holds are protected from accidental or malicious security breaches.

Telephone Systems / VOIPTelephony and VOIP (Voice Over I.P.):

As a full service IT consulting firm, Fox Valley Computer Solutions can help you with your voice and telecommunications as well. Today both data and voice are converging quickly and we know your company’s phone solution is a critical component of your success. The cost of ownership for VOIP solutions has lowered significantly over the past few years. Nevertheless, there are certain trade offs with a traditional phone system solution and a purely VOIP solution. We will work with you to determine what’s best in efficiency, value, and overall cost.

We have extensive experience servicing phone systems, as well as options for fully hosted VOIP solutions (a.k.a. Hosted IP – PBX). We are carrier agnostic which means we help you to identify voice and data connectivity independently.

If you know what you’re looking for specifically, just ask us! Chances are we can help you design a business network that meets your needs and budget.

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